‘…each made a huge contribution to his improved mental and physical health.’

To Jackie and the entire Staff of Golfview:

As those on B wing will recall, my father Glenn was a resident in your tremendous facility for approximately six weeks recently, and he left there physically and mentally stronger than he has been in years, THANKs to the high quality and consistent care and caring he received at Golfview.  Glenn arrived at Golfview on the recommendation of his Primary Care physician Dr Giovanni Baula, and following a ER entrance and short stay at St. Anthony’s as a result of frequent mysterious falls and periods of confusion.

To say that Dad was difficult to deal with – just his personality amplified by age and illness – would be an understatement.  Undaunted, the regular rotations of RNs, CNAs and Physical and Occcupational Therapists found ways to work with him, and each made a huge contribution to his improved mental and physical health.  I must also compliment administrative folks and social workers as well, since finding funding and managing insurances was also a challenge met beautifully, and only because of your experience and guidance.  My daughters and I want to thank each and everyone of you for going the extra mile!

As a result of Glenn’s improved state and outlook, he is now somewhat more independent, cooperative and mobile.  In fact, we now plan to travel to the Panhandle and visit with a son and grandson he hasn’t seen in quite a while.  At home, we are able to go about our daily lives with less stress and demands for Dad’s every need.  This is huge, and beyond our expectations when we arrived at Golfview.

You all are the best in the business; your facility may be older, but your expertise and level of dedication deservedly place Golfview in the top tier.   Thank you all again for Caring and the Care.  We will likely see you again (for private respite) and recommend you to all other families who may have need for HELP with an aging loved one.

With enormous respect and appreciation,

Kim McLeroy
St. Petersburg, FL 33702